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Stop Stretching for Mobility: Improve Eccentric Strength Instead

Eccentric strengthening is the new stretching.We talk a lot about flexibility versus mobility. Flexibility is the ability to move through a specific …

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The Best Warmup Routine for Runners

Beautiful weather and fresh fall air have arrived, so there’s no time to waste with a warm up… right?! Although not very exciting, a proper warmup …

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Can I Improve My Fitness Exercising On Weekends Only?

Are you a weekend warrior?  We get it, the weekdays get busy with family, school and work. Often the weekends are the only time we can …

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Distance Running Does Not Affect Knee Cartilage

For many years we have heard people say “Running is bad for your knees.” Based on current evidence, we know that to be absolutely not true. Even …

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There's No Need For Meniscus Surgery

Your meniscus is the cartilage in your knee joint that provides cushioning, support and lubrication for movement. Traditionally, people with …

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PEACE & LOVE For Injury Healing

A recent article proposed the idea that higher levels of early inflammation may protect from development of chronic pain. We’ve been seeing a shift…

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